Friday, 1 February 2019

I'm offline with the G+ shutdown

Hello Friends,

Google plus is shutting down on 2 April 2019. I'm sorry to say I won't be blogging for awhile. I will be trying to transfer some of my G+ collections to Blogger rather than losing everything.

Stay well,
and happy.
Until next time,
♥  Ashlyn

photo credit; thanks to KS KYUNG on

Friday, 25 January 2019

Alien Street Art

Hello Friends,

Wow, did I get a surprise when I left my country town and went to the city and saw Alien art work chalked on the footpath. I whipped out my phone to take some photographs which I later made into a video.

I don’t know the story the unknown artist intended to tell with their pictures. However, I was very curious, and my imagination conjured up thoughts about the fall of Atlantis/Lemuria/Mu and the end of days marked by the arrival of the people from the stars.

There are four photographs in the footpath scene. However, the pictures speak to you, you are welcome to create your own story from the artwork. 

The story I imagined goes like this;

The art possibly represents a time-line or time sequence showing an early advanced civilization of indigenous earth people who were wiped out by a fierce volcanic eruption. Afterwards, there was a new age of crystal guardians and magic. The future shows the arrival of spaceships and aliens.

The description in more detail...
The first slide shows a living place perhaps from long ago in history/mythology. The buildings are earthy looking, adobe-like. They have geometric shapes like arches (portals/stargates), rectangles and triangles (the power of 3) as well as curved lines that remind me of Mother Earth energy. Geometry is a sacred/secret language of the earth and universe.

There is a slender tower with a red circle at the top which could be a crystal or a light. It reminds me of Mother Earth (Gaia) energy again.

In the sky there are blue flying ships. The people living here had some advanced technology for their age. In the foreground there are 7 purple pyramids and some reddish mountains. A strange-looking hand holds a blue seashell suggesting to me this living place was located near the ocean.

In the second slide we see a dignified and wise indigenous woman standing in front of the ocean. Behind her, a volcano is erupting and shooting flames into the sky. Her people live on the slopes and at the base of the volcano. The signs point to a natural disaster, the forces of fire and upheaval from Gaia about to devastate.

In the third slide and further along the time-line, the volcano has gone extinct. The landscape is now calm. Two new women appear who have a connection to blue crystal energy. They seem like guardians and magical. One woman holds a crystal staff, and the other woman cups a large crystal in her hands.

In the last slide, there is a break in the time sequence now. Perhaps the artist was drawing the future of the story showing the arrival of the spaceships. A blue lady with pointy ears and green hair is waiting to greet the aliens. Could the next step in human evolution be to return to our very own star people roots?

Fascinating artwork!
Watch the slide show.

Enjoy your weekend.
♥ Ashlyn

Friday, 18 January 2019

Australian Cockatoo Hanging Like a Bat

Hello Friends,

Australian Cockatoo birds are rarely quiet and are known to have noisy screeches. Usually they are not alone and travel in a flock. They can be funny to watch when they fly in from the bush and hang from electrical wires in town areas.

I was able to video a cockatoo playing a game with itself. A prankster. The wild bird has a lot of trouble swinging on an electrical wire and trying to get upright again. The Cockatoo Bat!

Please enjoy the video from my Sacred Earth Youtube channel. 

If you'd like to watch more videos after G+ shuts down please subscribe to my Youtube channel.
Have a happy weekend,

Friday, 11 January 2019

What to do?

Hello Friends,

I've been waiting to hear news from Google about the G+ shutdown due in April, and what follow-on effect it will have on my blogger site.

In the meantime, I will be posting about youtube videos. Sadly, I it's only a matter of time before I have to made a decision about the future of my blogging. I hope to continue writing here, but we'll see what happens.

Have a happy weekend,

Friday, 4 January 2019

Black Cat & Standing Stone

Hello Friends,

Recently I went exploring with my camera. I decided to video the afternoon sun shining on a single standing stone made of granite.
Then the black cat happened.

the Cat is the Boss of this video,
And I am the human companion.

The soft gold and pink sunlight falling on the Standing Stone,
was lovely while it lasted…

Please enjoy!

Sunday, 30 December 2018

2019 Happy New Year

Hello Friends,

Let the old year end and the new one start. Bringing you inspiration and celebration, happiness and success.

Wishing you good times, special times, warm hearts and bright dreams.
Cheers to wonderful you.

Happy New Year
♥  Ashlyn

Photo credits
Fireworks display photographed on the South Perth Esplanade, Perth, Western Australia. Photo by Sebastian Davenport on Unsplash.

Angel photo from Sommi on Unsplash.

P.S. After I made this post, I recorded a Happy New Year video message.
Watch it here.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Sunday, 23 December 2018

2018 Merry Christmas

Hello Friends,
Thank you for visiting my blog during 2018.

source; Aaron Burden on Unsplash
May your holiday time be bright and happy. Feel the love and joy with your dear ones.
Let the spirit of the season remind you of hope, kindness and compassion. Miracles. 

source; Filip Bunkens on Unsplash
Wish upon a shining star and have a beautiful time.
 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

NETFLIX – “The Christmas Chronicles” Movie

I recently watched “The Christmas Chronicles” movie on Netflix. It’s a family movie with an unusual, uncouth Santa Claus. Two children, Kate and Ted, have a big adventure with Santa on Christmas Eve. The movie was entertaining, sometimes funny, and a little cheesy. There was some singing with Santa in the police lock-up. A call to celebrate the good occasions that happen in life.

Here’s the trailer.

Merry Christmas!
♥  Ashlyn

Friday, 16 November 2018

Book – “Hen Party 3 (The Third Novella)” by Ashlyn Brady

Hello Friends,

Yay! This week I get to blog about my own romance story. It's been a while since I published the last novella, but the party continues. In the third book, the characters face a night of extremes and shameless girl's fun.

Kyra and the hero, Jovanni, have some emotional baggage from their previous relationships to unload. Still their attraction to each other smolders and ignites despite the evening of mayhem at the hotel. The two love birds have found their perfect match only getting alone time is impossible. And then there's Maddy pulling her pranks…

Bad-girl Maddy, continues leading all of the women astray while thinking she is giving the bride-to-be the best night of entertainment ever. The tension has been building between Maddy and Kyra during the last two books. Now the conflict escalates to breaking point. Kyra stops being the target of Maddy's stinky jokes and pranks and fights back.

Standing up to Maddy is going to hurt. But there's also a reward for Kyra. She finally understands how her demons weigh her down and make her depressed. Now she values her family, friendships and love. Most importantly she realizes loving herself is the beginning of a good life. She's ready to throw caution to the wind and start an affair with Jovanni, but the best laid plans don't always work out.

The poor bride-to-be, Elin, is caught in the middle of all the hen party action. During the biggest night of her life, her two lovely girlfriends start a war with each other, and she must be peace-maker. She discovers Jovanni's true identity and she's not accepting his interference at her party

The fun spirals out of control. The party reaches a peak, a calamity, and the girls must escape the hen party before it's too late.

I've made a cheeky video introducing the romance hero of the story, Mr. J - Jovanni. I used pop art and added some raunchy music. It's a giggle. Have a watch.

The Blurb
In the Third Novella, the Hen Party action reaches a chaotic climax that you just can’t miss!

Secrets are never meant to be revealed…too bad.

Unlucky in love, Kyra Jamieson, is stuck in a rut. Her career in Sales is stalled and she’s all but given up looking for Mr. Right. As chief bridesmaid, she must put aside her failings, overcome her envy, and ensure her best friend, Elin’s hen party goes off without a hitch.

It should be a happy celebration if the crazy girlfriends don’t play tricks on her. And the racy entertainment doesn’t get out of hand. Who knew a gorgeous mystery man was going to invite himself to the girls’ night out?

CEO, Jovanni Tisci has a shocking agenda—to stop Elin’s wedding from going ahead without losing smart and beautiful Kyra, the woman he desires.

One kiss from seductive Jovanni and Kyra is caught in his sexy trap. He heats up her lust and turns her heart renegade. She is going to unravel his shocking agenda bit by bit, and kiss by kiss. When she calls him out on his secret manoeuvres, there'll be consequences...for everyone.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

“Hen Party 3 (The Third Novella)” is available now
for the Kindle price of $0.99 US and $1.37 Aus.
Here's the link to

Enjoy your weekend.


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Friday, 2 November 2018

Paris Bone Crypts 6 - “As Above, So Below” Movie.

Hello Friends,

My Paris Bone Crypt blog for this year is about a 2014 American horror thriller movie that was filmed down there, in the place of the dead. So far, I’ve been too scared to watch the trailer.

But I’ve read about the movie plot on Wikipedia and it seems interesting enough. A young woman, Scarlett Marlowe, goes searching for a philosopher’s stone. A magical object which can turn metals into gold and also grant eternal life.

source; wikipedia
Scarlett’s quest leads her to the catacombs of Paris, which she enters with a team of people. I guess the tunnels are naturally spooky for this documentary-style, movie-making. She eventually finds a tomb filled with treasure and the philosopher’s stone.

Then the only way to get out of the crypts is to go deeper into the tunnels. From my other Paris Bone Crypt posts, I discovered the oxygen starts to run out the deeper you go into the no public access areas.

The story continues with various demons chasing the group, visions and past traumas are reflected back to them, violence, injury, death, and eek! Removing the philosopher’s stone from the tomb was a bad idea. Scarlett has to return it, if she ever wants to leave the Paris crypts alive.

For the brave people, here’s the movie trailer to watch.

Enjoy your weekend,

Friday, 26 October 2018

2018 Happy Halloween

Hello Friends,

The world is getting stranger and the nights spookier. It’s almost Halloween.

Beware of ghosts and haunted specters slipping through the veil between the living and the dead.
To scare you.
Make you scream.

Or if you’d prefer to chuckle, please watch my video of ghost jokes.
It’s a really silly play on words.
Maybe even absurd.
But if I can make you smile,
to my coffin I shall retire,
hot as fire,
to wait for a vampire,
to come and trick or treat.


Happy Halloween,


Friday, 19 October 2018

Archaeology with the Spirits.

Hello Friends,

This week I’m sharing a link about Lida Barmala. She’s an archaeologist using a new frontier of study into ancient cultures. The post about her which is called, "Spiritual Archaeology", was published in Nova Magazine Australia, in March this year.

Archaeology has traditionally relied upon digging up artifacts and analyzing them according to accepted knowledge in order to understand their history.

The new frontier goes beyond the academic studies and into areas of spiritual vibes and abilities to sense invisible or non-physical things. Humans have long been told we are limited to awareness of the world that our 5 senses brings us. Lida talks about special intuitive abilities to sense knowledge beyond the material world. The energy connected with people, places, things and past history.

It’s a fascinating read.
Follow the link, here 

Halloween is getting closer.
I’ve finished making my ghost joke video which is ready to launch with my Halloween post.

It’s going to be a monster weekend,

Friday, 12 October 2018

Loving a Ghost

Hello Friends,

Last week I featured a short story from 1845, “All Hallow’s Eve Party”. It was about a welsh woman who married a ghost and lived with him for nearly sixty years. It’s interesting that in 2018, women are still talking about having relationships with ghostly lovers. 

How do they go about being touched by a ghost?

There's a place at the front of my house where an invisible ghost has touched me on the top of the shoulder a few times, and also on the side of the waist. My reaction was frightened, not curious. 

Who dunnit? 
Don’t do that!
I don’t like it. 

I never even sense when this handsy spirit is about until after I’m touched. I think this particular guy is just saying hello, and trying to get my attention. My fear makes communication with him/her impossible for now.

Another hard to explain experience is what happens during our dreams, especially when a mysterious visitor comes to our bedside. Have you ever woken up in the morning with a sense that you had sex with someone during your sleep, and I don’t mean with a real person? 

How could that be possible? 
Well, I guess, some people don’t believe it’s possible. 

But if you’ve experienced lucid sexy dreams and orgasms, you know, there are other dimensions to sex, namely sex as a form of energy exchange. Interested sex/love partners appearing in non-physical form might include resident ghosts, visiting soul mates, old flames, the one that got away, past life persons, and aliens. After reading this paragraph, I’ll understand if you think I’m crazy or making this stuff up.

Sian Jameson from London meet a 19th century ghost when she rented a 16th century cottage. She woke up one morning to find a dark-haired, good-looking man in bed with her. She thought she was still dreaming, but she woke up in a hurry when the spirit touched her body. The sex that followed was amazing, she says. Read more about Sian’s story here, Meet the women who claim they have sex with spirits

Amethyst Realm from Nottingham is a lady who claims to have had 20 encounters with ghostly lovers. She met her latest partner while bushwalking in Australia. She describes the spirit as very ancient, very wise, very kind. Amethyst is not 100% sure of the gender of her companion. She says ghost sex is deeper, more passionate and, oddly, seems more natural. She would like to have a kind of spiritual marriage with them. Read more about Amethyst’s story here, UK medium falls in love with Aussie ghost after meeting him on a bushwalk.

The two women found love with their spirit partners.
I thought ghosts were connected to the land, property and buildings. I didn’t know they could travel from Australia to the UK. It’s a mystery of the supernatural kind.

Anyway, I'm making a video of 3 ghost jokes that I hope to post for Halloween.

Have a happy weekend,

Friday, 5 October 2018

2018 October Highlights – Strange & Spooky Things

Hello Friends,

October is Halloween month and it’s my fun time to blog about strange and spooky things such as;

Going Down to the Crypts
For the last couple of years I have written about the Paris Bone Crypts—the place of the long dead located beneath the city of Paris. I plan to write another article about the history of the catacombs.

Communing with the Dead
I will be sharing a link to an article about an archaeologist who applies her spiritual gifts to open windows into ancient cultures.

Ghost stories – real and not.
My curiosity has been spiked by women in the news who have relationships with ghosts in both fictional and non-fictional worlds. In March 2018, I blogged about a woman who married a Haitian ghost pirate called Jack in international waters, so the legitimacy of her matrimony couldn’t be denied. You can read it here, Would You Marry A Pirate Ghost

Since then, other women have come forward to speak to the media about their intimate experiences with ghosts. I will be posting about a lady who fell in love with a ghost she met on a bushwalk in Australia.

In the fictional world of specters, I found a very old ghost story from 1845. The story is called, “An All Hallows' Eve Party” and was written by Miss Beale. The haunted tale was published in a newspaper from Port Phillip in Victoria, Australia.

I liked the olden and therefore unusual style of the story-writing. It also touched a memory and a heart string. My grandmother on my father’s side of the family was a welsh women, and she had the gift of the Fae (some sort of second sight, according to family members). 

I decided to read the story aloud and record it on my phone. Then I made a youtube video of the tale so others can hear what was considered eerie and creepy in 1845. Perhaps, “An All Hallows' Eve Party” is a little ghoulish, but not as frightening as Halloween celebrations of today.

Pally is the name of the lady in the story. She recounts her scary experience of meeting the ghost of John Lewis, on Halloween night. The audience in the story includes a footman who is not impressed by the tall tale told by a Welshwoman. But Pally was a happy woman from meeting the handsome spirit.

It’s a trip back in history on a boo-tiful night.

Please enjoy & give it the thumbs up, if you like it!
It was my first time reading something on my youtube channel.
I was so nervous.
Thanks friends.

I hope you can join me again for more Halloween posts.
Enjoy your weekend,


Friday, 28 September 2018

Movie – “Ladies in Black”

Sydney, Australia 1959.
“Ladies in Black” is a movie with its own charm.

Hello Friends,

I liked watching the “Ladies in Black” movie for its women’s stories, vintage fashion and the dive into history. I’m not intending to write too many spoilers in this post. The movie did make me think a lot as you can probably tell by this long article. “Ladies in Black” is a quality production and a companion for another great, vintage-themed Australian movie, “The Dressmaker”. You can read the "The Dressmaker" posts here 

the shop ladies dressed in black clothes
Patty (Alison McGirr), Leslie (Angouric Rice) & Fay (Rachael Taylor)
Coming of Age
The movie begins when a likable young woman, Leslie (Angourie Rice), has finished high school and goes to work at the women’s section of a Sydney Department Store. The uniform for the shop clerks is black.

Leslie has weeks to wait to find out whether her school results are good enough for her to be accepted to study at Sydney University.

The story shows Leslie growing up in the company of the older shop clerks. She changes her name to the more feminine, Lisa. Having worked around the sophisticated gowns at Goode’s she’s not so keen on the fancy dress her mother sews for her. A pale pink, innocent dress with a peter-pan collar and a large ruffle hem.

Initially, her father doesn’t understand, appreciate or support her ambition to go to University. She is a girl and what relevance has university got for her. She’s only going to get married and have kids in the future.

The continental people she socializes with, change her views, and open her eyes to a richer culture, and a happier life.

Lisa’s coming of age story is mostly gentle and sweet with no nasty surprises. Thank goodness! I was cheering for Lisa to overcome her obstacles. Angourie Rice made Lisa a believable character and she is a wonderful young actress.

showgirls from a club in Sydney

Circular Stories

The movie does not have a straight line progression of plot with a dramatic climax and resolution. The movie showcases a different type of story-telling. It’s a series of stories within circles. Each circle tells of a woman’s relationships with herself, the other woman and men in her life. The story circles intersect or overlap at the women’s workplace, a department store called ‘Goode’s’ which is located in the middle of Sydney.

Fay (Rachael Taylor), looking for love with a romantic man
Fay’s Romance
Shop clerk, Fay (Rachael Taylor) is disillusioned with romance with Australian men. Magda (Julia Ormond), the Slovenian fashionista refugee plays match-maker and introduces Fay to a passionate Hungarian man, Rudi (Ryan Corr) who is going to make his fortune in Australia, the land of opportunity.

There was a scene between Fay and Rudi that really touched my heart. The scene was filmed at maybe the Blue Mountains (beautiful), inland from Sydney. Fay was confessing very personal information to Rudi. Rachel Taylor’s acting in the scene was superb. Some of the best acting I’ve seen, ever.

this scene between Fay (Rachael Taylor) & Rudi (Ryan Corr) was special
Racism of the 1950’s
Some European people fled the Second World War and came to Australia to start a new life. Initially, the war refugees were housed in migrant camps, and later integrated into society. The movie portrays the Australians as thinking the Europeans/Continentals were a strange mob they didn’t understand. They were lesser, desperate people somehow.

The Hungarians war refugees in the movie regarded themselves as having cultured tastes in food, wine, books and music. Whereas they thought the Australians were descended from convicts, the lowest class of people in Britain.

The racism themes in the movie were best highlighted with food and fashion. The Australian sandwich for lunch versus the salami, olives, fetta cheese and antipasto dishes of the Europeans. Drinking Australian beer versus glasses of imported wines. Magda (Julia Ormond) was in charge of the ‘Models’ section of women’s clothing in the Department store. The cocktail gowns on display were elite, exclusive, expensive, and only came in one size, model size. She sold the dresses with European fashion flair, chic and her exotic accent. The other ladies worked in the women’s clothing and accessories section of the store gazed at her from their counters, watching Magda's behavior in puzzlement.

I loved the character of Magda, with her womanly, sensual, fashionista flair. Julia Ormond’s acting was a pleasure to watch.

Magda (Julia Ormond) in the 'Models' section of the department store
The Blurb

Set in the summer of 1959, when the impact of European migration and the rise of women’s liberation is about to change Australia forever, a shy schoolgirl (Lisa) takes a summer job at the prestigious Sydney department store, Goode’s. There she meets the 'ladies in black', who will change her life forever. Beguiled and influenced by Magda, the vivacious manager of the high-fashion floor, and befriended by fellow sales ladies Patty and Fay, Lisa is awakened to a world of possibilities. As Lisa grows from a bookish schoolgirl to a glamorous and positive young woman, she herself becomes a catalyst for a cultural change in everyone’s lives.

Watch the movie trailer.

Have a happy weekend.